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The State of New Jersey is known for so many things. First of all, it is known as the “Garden State” as it was said to be coined by then Atty. General Abraham Browning. He compared New Jersey to an open field with so many “good things to eat and open.”

New Jersey is also recognized as the “Diner Capital of the World.” They said that if you want to experience authentic American-dining experiences, this is the state you go to.

Most of all, the state is known for its massive gambling industry close to Las Vegas. New Jersey’s gambling market is big and, in a way, relentless. That is why people engaged or about to engage in this industry either as providers or consumers, should be aware of the NJ Gambling laws.

That is where the Ninjas come in.

Some Kind of Ninja

Some Kind of Ninja is a legal entity, we are not a firm, we are an online-based information hub for all your gambling legal needs. That’s right, we are an online magazine giving all the facts, updates, and issues related to the gambling industry, services, and laws in New Jersey.

Given the magnitude of the industry and its impact on society and economy, Otto Sawyer, our head ninja, wanted a one-stop online domain to distribute these issues.

So, if you ever have any questions about NJ gambling laws, you know where to surf. Better yet, subscribe to our magazine today.