The Biggest New Jersey Gambling Issues

New Jersey is a beacon of gambling in the United States. It may not be of the same level as Las Vegas, but it’s close. Atlantic City is one of the top gambling destinations all over the globe.

However, despite the success in the industry, New Jersey is also known to be lenient, actually too lenient when it comes to gambling. Back in 1976, New Jersey became the second state in the US to legalize gambling.

After that, gambling only gained more momentum with online casinos and sports betting being permitted to operate. However, with those developments, it is no surprise that the state has its fair share of issues, big issues in fact.

There are still campaigns by other government entities and private organizations to ban gambling in the entire Garden State. So, are you all for it to ban gambling in New Jersey or not?

Before deciding, you must first be aware of the many issues the state is facing.

Illegal Online Casinos

The Biggest New Jersey Gambling Issues Illegal Online Casinos - The Biggest New Jersey Gambling Issues

Online casinos and sportsbooks are permitted to operate in New Jersey. Most of the top online providers have generated billions of dollars throughout the year. That’s why this platform is a hot stage for illegal activities.

Throughout the years, dozens of illegal online casinos were busted for not acquiring the proper permits and operating in the shadows.

In September 2019, based in California was shut down by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for not having the proper permits and documents to continue to operate.

Now mind you, already acquired millions of money before being busted. The company violated both federal and New Jersey state laws. This truly does not sit well with authorities. is not the only one out there. Dozens are still active providing their services to millions of people in and out of the United States.

Underage Gambling

The Biggest New Jersey Gambling Issues Underage Gambling - The Biggest New Jersey Gambling Issues

Underage Gambling is taking its toll with more and more people being apprehended. There have been demands from lawmakers to intensify punishment for underage gambling rather than just a $1,000 fine and six months of jail time.

If you are under 21, you are allowed to enter casinos as long as you don’t gamble. Monitoring these violations at land-based casinos are easy. But the same can’t be said with online gambling.

In New Jersey, several young people are reported to gamble online and bet online as well. Some people don’t see the harm in this as long as these young individuals are responsible. Now, that is just crazy.

There are now increasing demands from the federal government and people to solve this problem once and for all. Underage gambling can lead to compulsive gambling that may result in minor and major consequences.

Underground Casinos

The Biggest New Jersey Gambling Issues Underground Casinos - The Biggest New Jersey Gambling Issues

In August 2019, more than 47 suspects were arrested at an alleged underground casino club in Newark, New Jersey. These casinos are operating above the law and are not equipped with legal permits.

To make things worse, these underground casinos are also riddled with illegal drug activities. Police and authorities are looking into this issue as they suspect there are more illegal operations throughout the state.

Do you think these issues can be addressed by banning gambling and betting completely? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.