Legal Sports Betting Reminders In New Jersey

After Delaware and Nevada, New Jersey is the third US state to legalize sports betting. That’s right, you can now place your bets on sportsbooks for your favorite sports. The decision to push through with the legalization of sports betting is met with mixed reactions.

The state government was all for it while the federal government, not so much. But still, sports betting is legal in New Jersey, as long as it is done online. Now, here are the top rules you need to be aware of if you’re going to be betting on sports in the Garden State.

Land-Based Sports Betting is Illegal

Sports betting in New Jersey is allowed, as long as you do it online, meaning on the internet. So, any offline transaction when it comes to sports betting is illegal, unless it’s a friendly or family bet for a couple of bucks.

Legal Sports Betting Reminders In New Jersey money computer - Legal Sports Betting Reminders In New Jersey

There are dozens of sports betting websites or sportsbooks you can bet on these days. These websites accommodate everyone, even those not from New Jersey. When we say everyone, we mean everyone who is of legal age and responsible.

So, if you ever find a booth taking bets for the NBA in New Jersey, call the police immediately. You might be talking to a syndicate group.

Sports Betting Permits

To start and operate a sports betting business in New Jersey, you need to acquire state permits. When Gov. Phil Murphy signed the sports betting bill on June 11, 2018, the first bets were made on June 14 the same year.

There were already many sportsbooks waiting for the bill to be signed so they can finally operate. These providers have secured the necessary permits to distribute their services to people.

Stay away from Illegal Sports Betting

Despite the state government passing down laws to strike illegalities in the gambling industry in New Jersey down, some criminals still make it through. There have been several reports of illegal sportsbooks operating underground.

Being involved or connected in illegal sports betting is punishable by law through paying a fine and jail time.

Stay vigilant out there! For more information about sports betting and gambling laws in New Jersey check out our other articles.