Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super Shot Search?

Super Shot Search is a website I built that aggregates all the shot location data for all teams in the NHL. You can search the database based on different criteria, like shots for a Team, against a Team, for a player, against a goalie, and more.

Where do you get your data?

All the data comes from Any problems with the data I blame on the NHL. The data is a mix of play-by-play data and Ice Tracker data. The pplayer usage charts data is from

What are player usage charts?

Player usage charts were created by Rob Vollman as a way to quickly identify how coaches use players in different situations and how well they perform. There is a good introduction of the charts here. The horizontal axis is the percentage of time the player started in the offensive zone, the vertical axis is a rating of how good the players he played against are, and the bubble sizes are a relative rating of how many shots were directed at the net while the player was on the ice. A blue bubble (good) means more shot attempts were made at the opposing team's net when the player was on the ice, a red bubble (bad) means the player was getting outshot.

Who made the site?

Greg Sinclair, a Leafs fan. In my free time I work on hockey stats websites (slowly), play guitar (badly), do squats at the gym (DYEL) and grow vegetables in my garden. I'm on twitter.

Can you add something to the site?

Most likely. Send me a tweet or gmail me at my real name if you have any requests. Thanks!

What sites do you recommend?