Sports You Can Legally Bet on in New Jersey

Sports betting according to New Jersey state law is permitted as long as the operator can accomplish all requirements and permits. Most major leagues across various sports in the United States and outside are accommodated in most sports betting sites.

However, there are still restrictions. So, if you’re about to bet on your favorite team, make sure they are included among the approved leagues.

National Hockey League


The biggest hockey league in the world, the NHL. In New Jersey, in fact, throughout the entire United States, only a few legit sites cater to NHL bets. Come October every year, sports betting for the NHL comes in play. The regular seasons runs from October until April the next year.

Come May and June, the Stanley Cup stage commences. Sports betting websites are in full throttle accommodating thousands of bets online during that time. The state government of New Jersey is keen on monitoring sports betting for the NHL.



The National Football League is a big player in the country’s sports betting market. Websites for betting go crazy during the Super Bowl. It is reported that most bets can go from a few thousand dollars to millions.There are only a few selected states you can legally bet on for the NFL, New Jersey is one of them.



Major League Baseball is also on the list. As America’s favorite pastime, baseball is the most common sports in most sports betting sites in the United States, especially in New Jersey.



National Basketball Association and sports betting are synonymous. From the regular season to the playoffs, bets are made day by day.

Are you ready to place your bet on any of the sports you can legally bet on in New Jersey? Be sure to find a legal sportsbook before blindly joining just any site for sports or NHL betting.