4 Types of Gambling that are Legal in New Jersey

If it’s up to the Federal Law, gambling will never be allowed in the United States. But, thanks to State laws, the gambling industry and several states in the country found their common ground.

New Jersey is a gambling powerhouse in the United States. You get the best casino experiences, offline and online right here. However, not all forms of gambling are allowed in the state, like dog racing and dogfighting.

So, if you’re planning to gamble in New Jersey or start your gambling operation, you need this list.

Casino Gambling (Offline and Online)


Online and land-based casinos are allowed in the state. That is if they acquire the necessary permits and documents to operate. New Jersey’s many casino operators are advocates of legal and responsible gambling.

However, there are still illegal operations going on in the state.

Horse Racing/Off-Track Betting


There are several horse tracks in New Jersey. All of these gambling operations are deemed worthy therefore receiving their license to operate.

Sports Betting


One of the modern forms of gambling, sports betting is a million-dollar business in New Jersey. There is so much to bet on and that is why it is important to keep these operators in line. Most betting sites are assessed by the state government to get the green light.

Make sure to bet on legit websites though. Several illegal sports betting sites are active.

Sled Dog Racing


Yes, dog racing is prohibited, however, sled dog racing is a different story. Sled dog racing events are permitted only during agricultural fairs and exhibitions.

So, if the business idea you have planned is not on this list, better changeup.