Write for the Ninjas

Write for the Ninjas - Write for the Ninjas

Any talented writers out there looking for opportunities? If there are, then we are also looking for you. Some Kind of Ninja is opening its doors to applicants to join our online magazine team.

This will be a paid internship and we are accepting college students.


For interested applicants, we require individuals with experience in content or feature writing. It does not matter for what categories or topics. This will be a learning process so we will give you all the training and resources needed.

We will also require a short portfolio of published materials you’ve written for further assessment. Each portfolio must have at least 5 published articles for whatever publication or channel.

What to Write About

Some Kind of Ninja is all about gambling laws in New Jersey. So, that’s what you’ll be writing about. But we are not contained within that field as we tackle the entire gambling industry here in the state. Now that’s a broad topic to write about.

As of the moment, we are looking to publish content about the development of gambling laws due to the growing demands of automation in gambling services.

We are also open to ideas our future interns bring to the table. Many members from our online community on our website already shared some of their ideas and we are truly impressed.

From that, we are 150% sure that Some Kind of Ninja will soon publish even more original, engaging, and informative content for our subscribers to read.

So, for anyone interested, you can start your application by sending your resume and portfolio tootto@somekindofninja.com. Assessment will take at least 3 business days. We are looking forward to working with you.